Wednesday, September 13, 2006


We are on our own in IRELAND and enjoying the down time. Today we explored the Dingle Peninsula and tonight we are off to dinner and the pubs. They are filled with Irish music. The town is about 5' streets wide and 5' long. There are 52+ pubs. Last night we sang for 2 hours. Besides eating and drinking, we are getting in lots of walking. Getting over jet lag was the hardest part. We slept for 2 days but are now acclimated.
Ireland is beautiful with long sandy beaches, lovely vistas and every type of green. Today we are experiencing "Tacoma" weather but most days have been sunny. The breakfasts could go on forever. Homemade scones, eggs, bacon, sausage, sweet breads and muffins , huge varieties of fruit and juices, some awful things that you would never want to see on your plate and a variety of cheeses.
The movies "Ryan's Daughter and "Far and Away" were shot here and now we'll have to rent them to relive the experiencies. Rick Steve's and Aunt Barbara have been our tour guides as we circumnavigate this peninsula. They are doing an excellent job educating us.
Now we are off to dinner and the pubs.

(Image borrowed from -- Mary Houlihan)


Buffy said...

I'll wager that awful thing on your plate was black pudding. No?

Sober In the City said...

I'm so impressed that you posted this without my help. And links too!! Sorry I let you down in this department, I've been overwhelmed lately. But it looks great!!